China see surge in tourist numbers

Beijing: China witnessed a surge in tourist numbers on Friday, the first day of the week-long Lunar New Year holiday, official data showed on Saturday. The number of tourists jumped 10.4 percent year on year to 50.5 million, Xinhua news agency said. ( read original story ...)

China offers anchor of stability, growth in uncertain world

China is opening new sectors of its economy to investment and ... Li said Beijing is also working with business communities on retraining programmes. In 2016, 700,000 workers once employed in downsized industries moved on to new jobs, Li said. ( read original story ...)

China finally invents a ballpoint pen of its own

Last week, China announced that it had mastered the art of making ballpoint pens. Don't laugh: It was a years-long effort that cost millions of dollars and required the leadership of a state-run corporate colossus. It was front-page news, widely discussed ... ( read original story ...)

Beijing makes 'no fireworks' plea amid smog concerns

Officials in China's capital, Beijing, have called on residents to refrain from setting off fireworks for the Lunar New Year, amid smog concerns. The call comes after the entire province of Henan banned the practice. Authorities have been under pressure to ... ( read original story ...)

Beijing Welcomes Chinese New Year in Full Swing, Pollution-Free

While conjuring an image of a smog-free Beijing comes off as difficult these days, it nonetheless has become a conceivable reality this Chinese New Year. The Chinese capital experiences change in its air quality as Chunyun clears the city from people, with ... ( read original story ...)

Beijing welcomed Year of the Rooster enveloped in smog

Beijing on Saturday welcomed the Year of the Rooster enveloped in a thick cloud of smog from the customary fireworks and crackers lit by millions of Chinese to celebrate the New Year and scare off evil spirits, the media reported. As in previous years, the ... ( read original story ...)