Trump making China great, by comparison

China, deliberately excluded from the 12-member club, saw it that way too. The official Xinhua news agency referred to the TPP as "the economic arm of the Obama administration's geopolitical strategy to make sure Washington rules supreme in the region." ( read original story ...)

China may be developing new missile

China may be testing a new, long-range air-to-air missile that could take out early warning aircraft and aerial refuelling aircraft, a state-run newspaper said after pictures of the new missile surfaced online. President Xi Jinping is overseeing an ... ( read original story ...)

Infrastructure Insight: China

The report provides a detailed look into the infrastructure sector in China, including analysis of the state of the current infrastructure, the regulatory and financing landscapes and the major projects in the construction pipeline. The report covers all ... ( read original story ...)

China releases new list of items banned for export to NKorea

BEIJING — China has released a new list of items banned for export to North Korea, following a new round of United Nations sanctions and complaints from President Donald Trump that Beijing was not doing enough to pressure its communist neighbour ( read original story ...)

Apple Sues Qualcomm in China Over Technology Fees

Apple Inc. has filed suit in China challenging Qualcomm Inc.'s fees for technology used in smartphones two years after Chinese regulators fined the chipmaker for its licensing practices. Two lawsuits filed by the iPhone maker accuse Qualcomm of abusing its ... ( read original story ...)

China’s IPO frenzy is back as speculators chase the momentum

China’s investment frenzy in initial public offerings (IPOs) is back, as a dearth of investable options in the country’s capital markets and excessive cheap money chase after the returns from first-day stocks trading. Of the 13 stocks that made their ... ( read original story ...)

China's shadow banking crusade risks bond market crash

SHANGHAI (Reuters) - China's campaign to cut high debt levels in its economy is aiming this year to shrink the $3 trillion shadow banking sector, which could drain a critical source of income for the country's banks and of funding for its fragile bond market. ( read original story ...)