Tech Tent: China’s AI ambitions

We have seen China make rapid progress in facial recognition, technology which has caused all sorts of controversy in other countries where privacy is a greater concern. Dr Lee says privacy is always a trade-off with users willing to sacrifice it if they ... ( read original story ...)

Pentagon: China, Russia outpace terrorism threat

WASHINGTON — Countering China’s rapidly expanding military and an increasingly aggressive Russia are now the U.S. military’s top national security priorities, outpacing the threat of terrorism, the Pentagon said Friday. A new national defence ... ( read original story ...)

It’s Time for China’s Property Developers to Quit Gambling

Chinese house prices have been booming for two years and shares of the country’s home builders—which have made big leveraged bets on the market—have likewise been on a tear. The question now, as the market shows signs of cooling, is: Should they hold ... ( read original story ...)

China looks to call bluff on Trump trade action

As influential voices within the U.S. business community warn China that U.S. President Donald Trump is serious about tough action over Beijing's trade practices, there is little sense of a crisis in the Chinese capital, where officials think he is bluffing. ( read original story ...)

Yu Wensheng: China human rights lawyer arrested on school run

Yu Wensheng, a vocal critic of China's ruling Communist Party ... It is not clear where Mr Yu is being held, and local police told the AFP news agency they were not aware of his detention. His wife, Xu Yan, told Reuters news agency: "I have not received ... ( read original story ...)