China Unicom tests ADVA G.metro WDM-PON for mobile fronthaul

ADVA Optical Networking says that China Unicom has completed a field trial of the company's G.metro WDM-PON implementation in a mobile fronthaul network application. The test involved a prototype of WDM-PON system, which the Chinese mobile operator ... ( read original story ...)

China approves law to tighten control on internet use

China's legislature approved a cybersecurity law on Tuesday that human rights activists warn will tighten political controls and foreign companies say might hamper access to Chinese technology markets. Chinese authorities say the law is required to ... ( read original story ...)

China adopts cyber security law in face of overseas opposition

Overseas critics of the law say it threatens to shut foreign technology companies out of various sectors deemed "critical", and includes contentious requirements for security reviews and for data to be stored on servers in China. Rights advocates also say ... ( read original story ...)

China Mobile starts index to show LTE quality

Network experience can go down as well as up. China Mobile borrows from stock markets to set up network experience index China Mobile is borrowing from indexes that follow the performance of company shares in stock markets to create a unified system to ... ( read original story ...)