Beijing’s got a dialect dilemma

To the untutored ear, the Beijing dialect can sound like someone talking with a mouthful of marbles, inspiring numerous parodies and viral videos. Its colourful vocabulary and distinctive pronunciation have inspired traditional performance arts such as ... ( read original story ...)

China reports seven bird flu cases so far in December

BEIJING -- China has reported at least seven cases of bird flu across China this month, including two deaths, as authorities sought to guard against an outbreak. State media reported five cases of H7N9 bird flu have been diagnosed in central Anhui province ... ( read original story ...)

China reports first two human deaths from bird flu this winter

Authorities in Shanghai, China's biggest city with more than 24 million residents ... after a 44-year-old man was diagnosed with H7N9 flu, state news agency Xinhua reported on Wednesday. The patient was in hospital and was stable, Xinhua said then. ( read original story ...)

China 'closely following' Trump comments on nuclear policy

BEIJING — China said Friday that countries with the largest nuclear ... Trump's cabinet, in summary: How rich, how conservative, how friendly to Canada? Fox News has kept most of its audience after the election After meeting with Pentagon officials ... ( read original story ...)

China says it will co-operate with Trump but warns on Taiwan

BEIJING - China has warned that ties with the U.S. will likely see new complications and the only way to maintain a stable relationship is by respecting each other's "core interests." Foreign Minister Wang Yi's remarks Thursday appeared to underscore that ... ( read original story ...)

China unveils plans for series of 'disappearing' bridges

French-born architect Martin Duplantier’s most recent design is not for the faint of heart. Situated along a walking trail in China’s famed Wulingyuan region (south-center part of the country), the project, which costs around $5 million, consists of ... ( read original story ...)

Chinese state newspaper accuses Navarro of anti-China bias

BEIJING — A Chinese state newspaper on Friday accused a trade adviser picked by President-elect Donald Trump of "anti-China alarmism" and warned both sides would suffer if commerce is disrupted. The China Daily editorial was more forceful and openly ... ( read original story ...)

China's Xi says supports efforts to curb Hong Kong independence

BEIJING China's central government strongly supports efforts by the ... Xi told Hong Kong Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying that the central government fully affirms Leung's work, state news agency Xinhua said. "The central government staunchly supports ... ( read original story ...)