China congress: How authorities censor your thoughts

China has all the appearances of an increasingly open society ... For many Chinese people - even those overseas - WeChat has also become their main news feed. If you restrict this content you can close out certain news coverage. Potential challengers ... ( read original story ...)

Beijing targets gyms and kindergartens ahead of party congress

Home renovations, gym classes, model aeroplane flights and a host of other mundane activities have been suspended in Beijing, lest they disrupt the Chinese capital’s political event of the decade. With just three days to the opening of a Communist party ... ( read original story ...)

In China, Trading Begins on WeChat

China does have policies about message record-keeping, but it’s unclear to what extent they are enforced when it comes to WeChat or QQ communication, according to bankers spoken to by Bloomberg News. The National Association of Financial Market ... ( read original story ...)

China steps up war on poverty, though some still left behind

said at a news conference in Beijing on Tuesday. "President Xi Jinping is personally in command, and has visited all of the areas of concentrated poverty" in China. He added: "With the active participation of all parts of society, it can be said that the ... ( read original story ...)

The ideological war playing out on China’s internet

Censorship fighter Li Hongkuan is more experienced than most in battling the censors and pushing the boundaries of free speech in China. From self-imposed exile in the US, he once ran VIP Reference, an online newsletter compiling banned news and political ... ( read original story ...)

South Korea, China extend currency deal despite missile row

South Korea and China have agreed to extend their currency swap deal, Seoul said Friday, easing concerns the deal would fall through due to tensions over a U.S. missile defense system. The two Asian countries renewed the deal worth 64 trillion won or 360 ... ( read original story ...)

China’s most-wanted fugitive jailed for eight years for graft

Some 48 have since returned to China. Yang’s prison sentence and a fine of 800,000 yuan ($121,500) was announced by the People’s Intermediate Court in Hangzhou, the official Xinhua news agency said on social media. The court gave Yang a reduced ... ( read original story ...)