China means business with its tough financial regulation

BEIJING - China is in the midst of what proponents are heralding as its harshest crackdown on financial risks in history: a campaign that is by no means a fleeting gesture. This is not the first time that the central authorities has stressed to address ... ( read original story ...)

China's First Bike Rental Firm Hits Legal Bump on Ride to IPO

Before the halt on its IPO process, Youon said that the claimed patent infringement ... been infringing the IP rights of a cellphone-lock technology, and has asked the Beijing Intellectual Property Court for damages. The court has yet to make a ruling ... ( read original story ...)

Tire Imports: The Truth About Chinese Brands

Have tires that are “Made in China” finally arrived? Darrin Bossence can recall a time when Japanese products were not considered the best on the market. “Now, they’re one of the premium global manufacturers,” says Bossence, Vice President of ... ( read original story ...)

Bona Film Group Takes First Step Towards China IPO

Beijing-based distributor and producer Bona Film Group took ... Bona was a co-financier on Fox’s The Martian. A Bona IPO would be the first major bow since last year when both China Film Co. and Shanghai Film Group went public in two of the largest ... ( read original story ...)

What China's Drone Makers Could Teach Other Chinese Brands

For big Chinese brands, the classic story is this: They grow huge in their home market, then find it tougher to build global brands. That's been the case for many Chinese electronics or appliance companies, including Haier, Hisense and Midea. Even Chinese ... ( read original story ...)