China traces deficit in US trade areas

For instance, China has lifted the ban on import of US beef last month. "The US side needs to understand that trade in services is also part of the business. For China, the US is the biggest source of service trade deficit and it has been growing fast in ... ( read original story ...)

Starbucks bets big on China

Starbucks just brewed a major deal in China. The coffee chain plans to buy the remaining 50% share of its East China joint venture business in a $1.3 billion deal that could help significantly boost its footprint, it announced this morning. The all cash ... ( read original story ...)

Why Tech Investing P***es Me Off (And What You Can Do About It)

... t be a small IPO. I think it has already experienced 90% of its total lifetime growth. Pretty typical these days. Which is why the “big money” is pouring into startups. Take Chinese money for instance... It’s not just China either. Japan and ... ( read original story ...)

Talking about a potential IPO with Proterra CEO Ryan Popple

And the other company we compete against is a company headquartered in China with a manufacturing operation in the ... because it could be viewed as an effort to market an IPO and that’s not allowable under (Securities and Exchange Commission) regulations. ( read original story ...)