National Bank of Canada in inaugural panda bond sale

Canadian banks have historically not been as big in the China sphere – panda bonds give you an onshore hedge, so it is really whether you need the RMB,” said Keith Pogson, a Hong Kong-based partner with EY. The Canadian bank said in a statement issued ... ( read original story ...)

China's Central Bank Has New Tools to Cool Frothy Money Markets

While you wait for the next interest-rate increase in the world’s largest economy, policy has quietly tightened in the second-biggest: China. The People’s Bank of China has allowed a steady increase in money market rates in recent weeks to squeeze ... ( read original story ...)

China Construction Bank gets Malaysian banking licence

PETALING JAYA: China Construction Bank Corp (CCB), ranked as the world’s second-largest bank, has been granted a Malaysian commercial bank licence by the Minister of Finance. Bank Negara said the banking giant’s unit, China Construction Bank (Malaysia ... ( read original story ...)

Why China's Latest 'Financial Innovation' Might Not Work

Behold, the latest in Chinese financial innovation. That's a statement published this week by the National Association of Financial Market Institutional Investors. It heralds the start of trading, in China, of credit-default swaps (CDS), or derivatives ... ( read original story ...)

China's non-financial debt over $22.7 trillion: Official

BEIJING: China's non-financial debt is estimated to be more than $22.7 trillion, accounting for 227.92 per cent of its GDP, a senior Chinese finance ministry official said today amid concerns it may spiral out control. "The IMF estimated China's non ... ( read original story ...)