Is China Deleveraging? Part II

Financial sector debt also appears to be proppring up financial and non-financial firms. It has become a note of the excessively optimistic China bull to argue China is deleveraging. In part I of this brief series, I addressed the specific and narrow data ... ( read original story ...)

Wary of Trump, China launches EU charm offensive: diplomats

An investment treaty would go some way to quiet criticism in Europe of such unequal ties but the talks, which started in 2013, require Beijing to open sensitive sectors like technology and financial services to private firms free of the state. China's ... ( read original story ...)

China's favored candidate chosen as Hong Kong’s leader

China agreed to a policy of “one country, two systems:” The communist regime would regain sovereignty, but the bustling Asian financial hub would maintain its open economic and political systems. For advocates of greater democracy in Hong Kong ... ( read original story ...)