Trump has a weak hand in his summit with China's president

tightening the screws on North Korea requires help from China, which tacitly sustains the rogue nation’s stone-age economy and provides access to global financial markets. Trump, so far, hasn’t said how he’d improve on his predecessors’ policies ... ( read original story ...)

Jim O'Neill: Trump is playing a 'dangerous' game with China

China, the largest trading partner for the US ... Protection will lead to great prosperity and strength.” President Obama told Yahoo Finance last year that trade relations have been mischaracterized during the election and emphasized the importance ... ( read original story ...)

China says to pursue crack down on illegal fund transfers

BEIJING China central bank will pursue a crack down on illegal fund transfers via underground banks and offshore companies, it said in a statement posted on its website on Wednesday. The People's Bank of China (PBOC) issued the message in a working meeting ... ( read original story ...)

China, Cherry Coke, and the Oracle of Omaha

I was in the right place at the right time as the Chinese looked around for famous investors," Buffett told Yahoo Finance. "I also made a couple of visits to China that received a fair amount of publicity and several American books about me got widely ... ( read original story ...)

Is China already altering its economy for Trump?

With Trump having repeatedly suggested on the campaign trail that China manipulated its currency to the downside ... head of Asia research at ING Financial Markets. "Ahead of the Trump-Xi summit favorable optics may have been a consideration," he said ... ( read original story ...)

Trump pressures China on N.Korea before Xi talks

In an exclusive interview with the U.K.'s Financial Times published on Sunday ... that might one day deliver a warhead to the western United States. The U.S. claims China hasn't done enough to increase economic pressure on North Korea. ( read original story ...)

Chinese finance is storing up trouble for the rest of the world

Far more challenging and important is integrating China into the financial system. US policymakers should worry about China’s capital account, not its current account. That is where danger now lies. Why does the capital account matter more? The answer is ... ( read original story ...)