China has a worrying habit of making business leaders disappear

Anbang Insurance Group owns the Waldorf Astoria in New York. Its chairman has reportedly been detained by Chinese authorities. A top executive suddenly dropping off the radar would be alarming for any company. But in China, it's become a disturbingly ... ( read original story ...)

Trump Adds More Trademarks in China

The latest trademarks expand Mr. Trump’s business interests in China, the world’s second-largest economy and a country he frequently blamed during the election campaign for the decline in American industrial jobs. Since taking office, he has softened ... ( read original story ...)

‘China speed’: Venture capital fuels a startup boom

In a country where business ideas quickly become business stampedes, he is far from alone. At least 20 bike-sharing companies have emerged in China seemingly overnight, each adding its own bright colour to what is now a veritable rainbow of shared pedal power. ( read original story ...)

China May output, retail sales steady but investment cools

Global concerns about China have resurfaced since Moody's Investors Service downgraded its credit ratings last month, saying it expects the country's financial strength will erode in coming years as growth slows and debt continues to rise. But most ... ( read original story ...)

China’s ‘rent-a-Caucasian’ industry is alive and well

There are lots of ways for entrepreneurs to make money in China. But Caucasians have a special advantage: the color of their skin. For example, there’s 25-year-old “Katie” (it’s not her real name), an American with her own little small business. ( read original story ...)

Ivanka Trump brand applies for, wins more China trademarks

China has granted provisional approval for four additional Ivanka Trump trademarks since April 20, and her brand has continued to seek more intellectual property protection in China, with at least 14 applications filed around the time she took on an ... ( read original story ...)

For Caddy in China, it pays to be unusual

While German brands still rule China's luxury landscape, Cadillac has found a niche among millennials looking for distinctive designs. The brand's China sales are up 86 percent through May to 67,471 vehicles and running 13 percent ahead of U.S. sales this ... ( read original story ...)