China’s Entrepreneurs Squirm Under Xi’s Tightening Grip

BEIJING — Guo Junwen was a successful property developer in southwestern China when the authorities threw him behind bars three years ago on charges involving land use and seized his business. Now free, Mr. Guo — who still disputes the charges — says ... ( read original story ...)

Better Buy: Yum Brands or Yum China?

Last November, Yum China (NYSE: YUMC) started trading on the New York Stock Exchange after being spun off of Yum Brands (NYSE: YUM). Yum China shares surged nearly 70% since that split, but Yum shares only rose about 20%. Therefore, investors might be ... ( read original story ...)

China’s New Antipollution Push Could Cool Its Growth Engine

BEIJING — Through the last four decades, China has achieved breathtaking economic growth at the cost of smoggy skies, fetid streams and lakes of dying fish. Now China is undertaking one of its most extensive efforts yet to crack down on corporate ... ( read original story ...)

China lifts ban on stinky cheese

China has reversed an import ban on several types of soft and mould-ripened cheese, including Roquefort, Danish Blue, Gorgonzola and Stilton. The authorities imposed the ban in September because the strains of bacteria used to make the cheeses weren't ... ( read original story ...)

China defends its trade with North Korea as permitted by UN

BEIJING — China on Monday defended its growing trade with North Korea as permitted by U.N. Security Council sanctions that say they should avoid hurting "humanitarian needs." China, the North's main trading partner, "strictly implements" sanctions aimed ... ( read original story ...)

Staying Legal in China: an Interview with Dan Harris

There are few, if any, aspects of doing business as a foreigner in China that are easy, but understanding local law can be the most difficult. Beyond the challenge of legal compliance, one must also understand local regulations well enough to proactively ... ( read original story ...)

China says jobless rate lowest in years, but challenges persist

BEIJING (Reuters) - China’s unemployment rate has hit its lowest point in multiple years at 3.95 percent by the end of September, but employment still face challenges as the economy pushes ahead with structural reforms, China’s labor ministry said on ... ( read original story ...)