China’s got some distance to cover

Although China’s presence in the Asian scheme of things is growing, it’s still far from being the power it wants to be Is it the grand visionary scheme of the century that will transform Asia? Or is it an overhyped dream of a government suffering from ... ( read original story ...)

Spectrum Brands is expanding into China

Rayovac hearing aid batteries, STP motor oil and George Foreman grills will soon be sold in China. Spectrum Brands Holdings, the Middleton consumer products company that markets those products and many others, says it has reached an agreement with a major ... ( read original story ...)

Why China can’t get enough of QR codes

Business cards, bikes and bills Beyond payments, the codes are now used for all sorts of services in China, like exchanging business cards and renting bikes. Chinese authorities are also getting on board. In Hangzhou, where Alibaba is headquartered ... ( read original story ...)

How UK football expertise could help China win World Cup

That is creating opportunities for British firms as Chinese entrepreneurs, hoping to profit from President Xi Jinping's edict to make China a successful football nation, seek overseas expertise. "I first launched a football business in China in 1999," says ... ( read original story ...)