Comment: why China is the golden child for premium brands

Amid the masses of Chinese and volume brands at Shanghai, there's another player in town - luxury car makers very keen to capitalise on this fast-growing market. There's a big shiny hall with Aston Martin, Bentley, McLaren and Rolls Royce to name a few. ( read original story ...)

Shanghai Paints A Misleading Picture Of China's Car Market

Then someone shows you a list of the top ten best-selling vehicles in China. And you scratch your head. Most of the brands and model names look like something from another planet. Here are China’s best-selling vehicles in 2016, along with their sales ... ( read original story ...)

China to cut red tape for better business environment

China has decided to further cut red tape by integrating separate business licenses to improve the business environment and stimulate market vitality. All certificates related to business registration will continue to be sorted and merged into one license ... ( read original story ...)

Canadian companies seek growth in China: survey

In particular, almost three quarters of respondents to the Canada China Business Survey indicated they plan to expand their operations in China, 49 percent indicating the planned expansions as substantial, and 24 percent as slight. The report released by ... ( read original story ...)

China flags global naval role after new carrier launch

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said Chinese business and citizens had spread all around the world, with millions of people living overseas and nearly 30,000 Chinese-funded businesses registered in other countries. "Under this new environment, China has ... ( read original story ...)

New Balance Court Ruling in China Is Rare Win Against Piracy

The case offers a high-profile example of how doing business in China can feel like a Wild West shootout. For years, foreign brands have been battling low-quality manufacturers that churn out cheap copies of everything from iPhones to Louis Vuitton bags. ( read original story ...)