What was Beijing really up to with its Basic Law interpretation?

The abrupt interpretation of Article 104 of the Basic Law by the National People’s Congress Standing Committee (NPCSC) triggered a new round of political confrontation between Beijing and the pan-democrats. Beijing decided to pre-empt the High Court’s ... ( read original story ...)

Beijing harasses independent candidates for low-level offices

Liu Huizhen, a petite, soft-spoken farmer’s daughter who wants to serve her community, might seem an unlikely threat to China’s all-powerful Communist Party. Yet, as Chinese vote yesterday for low-level representatives, authorities have responded to ... ( read original story ...)

Yuan at Pre-Crisis Lows

Advertisment China's currency keeps sinking against the dollar. Since Donald Trump won the U.S. presidential election last week, Beijing has allowed the yuan to tumble. The fall continued Tuesday, with one American dollar buying around 6.86 yuan ... ( read original story ...)

China claims its first aircraft carrier is now ready for combat

China's first aircraft carrier is now ready to engage in combat, marking a milestone for a navy that has invested heavily in its ability to project power far from China's shores. The Liaoning's political commissar said in an interview with Tuesday's Global ... ( read original story ...)

China Sure to Meet Full-Year Economic Targets, Premier Says

It’s mission accomplished for China’s economy. China is confident it will achieve its major full-year targets and tasks, Premier Li Keqiang said at a seminar in Beijing, according to state media reports late Tuesday. China should stabilize and improve ... ( read original story ...)