China eyes global economic leadership as U.S. turns inward

The country’s most significant transportation project since its independence in 1963 is being built courtesy of China. China Road and Bridge, a state-owned enterprise, leads construction of the $13.8 billion project, which is financed nearly 100% ... ( read original story ...)

Uighur IS fighters vow blood will 'flow in rivers' in China

We oppose any form of terrorism and proactively participate in international cooperation to crack down on terrorism," Geng told a daily news briefing. "We have long said that East Turkestan forces are a serious threat to China's security and we are willing ... ( read original story ...)

China seeks global support for cyber sovereignty framework

China is seeking international cooperation in its drive to tighten regulation of the internet and says it will beef up its cyberwarfare capabilities to defend against foreign threats. China's foreign ministry this week unveiled its first cyber policy paper ... ( read original story ...)

There's a new player at Australia's biggest airshow: China

Amid the big US and European defence giants there is a new presence at the Avalon Airshow: China. For the first time, Chinese firms are at Australia's aviation megashow - one of the world's major defence and aerospace events - in what is being seen as the ... ( read original story ...)

Xinhua China news advisory — March 2

Following are news items about China to be covered or pursued by Xinhua on Thursday: -- News Analysis: Booming digging machine market points to robust economic activities -- Red Mansion serves as microcosm of China's flourishing creative industry ( read original story ...)

China Railway keen on Phl

MANILA, Philippines - President Duterte has met with officials of the China Railway Group Limited in Malacañang and other Chinese business groups in Malacañang on Monday following the misunderstanding caused by the statements of Foreign Affairs Perfecto ... ( read original story ...)

China's manufacturers sharpen competitive edge

Meanwhile, China will channel more energy into reducing prices and administrative fees in monopolized sectors, and strive to lower business burdens. Since 2013, the central government has eliminated or reduced about 500 administrative fees on enterprises. ( read original story ...)