Pomp and Pride at People’s Congress in Beijing

BEIJING — Big political gatherings are intended to inspire a combination of awe and national pride, and the annual full sessions of the National People’s Congress in Beijing are no exception. Guards wear their best uniforms; every button is polished to ... ( read original story ...)

China vows to strictly control local government debt quotas

Government debt risks are generally under control, Xiao told a news conference on the sidelines of the session. "I believe (measures taken) will be able to reasonably control outstanding local government debt and contain debt risks," said Xiao. China will ... ( read original story ...)

China's congress meeting brings crackdown on critics

BEIJING, China – Chinese authorities have shut down activist Ye Haiyan’s blogs and forced her to move from one city to another. Left with few options, she now produces socially conscious paintings to make a living and advocate for the rights of sex ... ( read original story ...)

Cities and data: China’s weapons in the battle for clean air

Birds fly in and out of the eight-storey "Green Office Building" in Shenzhen, China, because a third of its walls are completely open to the air. It's a clever natural design that enables the building to stay cool without air conditioners. Across town ... ( read original story ...)

Rishikesh yoga gurus have China in a twist

Rishikesh, believed by many to be the yoga capital of India, is also emerging as one of the biggest exporters of yoga teachers to Southeast Asia as well as China where demand for yoga is at an all-time high. An estimated 1,500 Indian yoga teachers ... ( read original story ...)

Beijing looks for edges on cooperation with Trump

J Berkshire Miller is the director of the Council on International Policy. On February 28, China's top diplomatic envoy, Yang Jiechi, visited the White House and met top US officials, including Vice President Mike Pence, National Security Adviser HR ... ( read original story ...)