While Other U.S. Companies Flee China, Starbucks Doubles Down

McDonald’s has agreed to sell its business and license its name there. Coca-Cola, after investing heavily, sold its bottling unit there. Where is “there”? China, of course. At a time when many United States companies have been beating a path away ... ( read original story ...)

China And Intellectual Property Rights: The Dragon Roars

In the IP world equivalent of Daenerys Targaryen launching her long-awaited assault on King’s Landing on the backs of her dragons, the leader of the world’s economic dragon, China, recently gave a major speech on the importance of IP rights to his ... ( read original story ...)

Joining Apple, Amazon’s China Cloud Service Bows to Censors

A Chinese company that operates Amazon’s cloud-computing and online services business there said on Tuesday that it ... of the American company’s Amazon Web Services operations in China, sent one round of emails to customers on Friday and another ... ( read original story ...)