China returns underwater drone to U.S., Pentagon says

WASHINGTON - China has returned to the U.S. an unmanned underwater drone the Chinese Navy seized unlawfully last week in international waters, the Pentagon said. China's defence ministry said it handed the drone back after "friendly consultations." ( read original story ...)

North China on ‘red alert’ over choking smog

China’s air pollution is blamed on its reliance on coal and ... The smog had earlier grounded flights in some cities and closed highways due to low visibility. On Sunday, news websites said the number of children being taken to Beijing hospitals with ... ( read original story ...)

China's famous elevated bus is now just a giant roadblock

The company behind the bus, TEB Technology, was supposed to restore the 330-yard-long test site to its original state by the end of August, according to China's official state news agency Xinhua. But that never happened. "The tracks are still there and we ... ( read original story ...)

A Primer On Chinese Financial Data Quality

There are empirical measures for assessing the quality of financial data. A specific set of institutional arrangements disincentivizes China's market participants from producing, disclosing, and demanding high-quality financial information. Understanding ... ( read original story ...)

China May Seek Financial Revenge Against Trump's Twitter Rants

The Trump twitter feed has made it to the front pages of the Chinese newspapers, at least implicitly. Weekend tweets about China have not been taken in a terribly good spirit in the People’s Republic of China and there has been muttering about ... ( read original story ...)

Can Technology Unite Us?

In fact, studies have shown that many parts of rural China are being left behind while urban areas reap the benefits of technology. Specifically, according to China Internet Watch, 72 percent of the population living in urban areas of China have Internet ... ( read original story ...)

China Ceramics Announces Third Quarter 2016 Financial Results

In addition to China Ceramics' condensed consolidation financial results under International Financial Reporting Standards ("IFRS"), the Company also provides Non-IFRS financial measures (referred to as Non-GAAP financial measure) for the third quarter of ... ( read original story ...)