China approves new law to tighten control on internet use

BEIJING -- China's legislature has approved a cybersecurity law that human rights activists warn will tighten political controls and foreign companies say might isolate Chinese industries. Chinese leaders have said the law approved Monday is required to ... ( read original story ...)

China passes law punishing companies for box-office fraud

BEIJING -- China is attempting to crack down on box office fraud in the world's second-biggest movie market by setting out punishments for companies that fabricate ticket sales and other data under the country's first film law. Under the legislation ... ( read original story ...)

The Latest: China-Backed HK Leader Says He Supports Ruling

Therefore, he said, that person is disqualified. 12:55 p.m. A top mainland Chinese official has delivered an emotional rebuke of two Hong Kong lawmakers who used a derogatory term about China, labeling them traitors to the Chinese people. The pair had ... ( read original story ...)

China censors online video streaming

the new rules also prohibit online news outlets from streaming original reporting. Instead, they must use state-sanctioned reports and sources. That censorship is the government's primary motive for monitoring live online video is nothing new in China. ( read original story ...)

Hong Kong police use pepper spray in China oath-taking protest

The top legislative panel in China said Beijing must intervene in the dispute. It added that it should deter advocates of Hong Kong independence, as their actions were a threat to national security, state news agency Xinhua reported. Some demonstrators ... ( read original story ...)

China Premier Li says economy to maintain steady growth

BEIJING China will maintain steady growth and speed up economic transformation, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said on Saturday, adding that the world's No. 2 economy would be able to overcome current challenges, official news agency Xinhua reported. ( read original story ...)

Why did China axe Finance Minister Lou Jiwei?

and use his experience to implement new tax policies that will help put "China on a more sustainable fiscal revenue path". But the most colourful insight into the man catapulted into the high profile job comes from one of Beijing's local news agencies. ( read original story ...)

China effectively bars 2 Hong Kong lawmakers from taking office

BEIJING—China’s top legislature effectively barred two democratically elected separatist lawmakers from taking office in Hong Kong with a ruling Monday on the city’s constitution, an intervention into a local political dispute that’s likely to ... ( read original story ...)

China Mobile starts index to show LTE quality

Network experience can go down as well as up. China Mobile borrows from stock markets to set up network experience index China Mobile is borrowing from indexes that follow the performance of company shares in stock markets to create a unified system to ... ( read original story ...)

China adopts cybersecurity law in face of overseas opposition

Overseas critics of the law argue it threatens to shut foreign technology companies out of various sectors deemed "critical", and includes contentious requirements for security reviews and for data to be stored on servers located in China. Rights advocates ... ( read original story ...)