China goes from red-alert pollution to green energy

The city of Foshan is in the middle of China's manufacturing heartland. It may be big and noisy, factories gushing consumer products and pollution, but its new city bus glides along almost silently, producing no pollution at all. The bus runs on hydrogen ... ( read original story ...)

The ever-growing power of China’s Xi Jinping

At the beginning of this week China's leader Xi Jinping was not officially "at the core" of the Communist Party. Now he is. Why should that matter? Because, in China, little words have big meanings. Over four days in the Chinese capital a major political ... ( read original story ...)

When China Wants Better Air Readings, Cotton Does the Trick

released a statement on Tuesday saying that the news “should serve as a warning to officials around the country that the central government is serious about punishing environmental abuses.” Xi’an is in northern China, a part of the country often ... ( read original story ...)

US Calls on China to Cut Coal Imports Propping up N. Korea

A senior U.S. official urged China on Saturday to work with the U.S. to close a loophole on North Korean coal imports that Washington believes has been critical to propping up the isolated country's finances. Deputy Secretary of State Antony Blinken said ... ( read original story ...)

Philippines: China Still Guarding Shoal, but Filipinos Back

Philippine aerial surveillance showed Chinese coast guard ships were still guarding a disputed shoal in the South China Sea, but they did not harass and stop Filipinos from fishing there for the first time in years, the Philippine defense secretary said ... ( read original story ...)

China: Japanese military jets using 'dangerous' tactics

Shen Jinke, an official with the People's Liberation Army Air Force, said that a fleet of 40 aircraft were sent to the West Pacific via the Miyako Strait for a "routine drill on the high seas," according to China's official Xinhua news agency. The fleet ... ( read original story ...)

US, China plan joint military drills

China's military spokesperson, Wu Qian, said at a news briefing. The announcement of the joint effort comes even as there have been military tensions between the two counties. As recently as last week, the US drew the wrath of Chinese defense officials ... ( read original story ...)