China urges US, South Korea to not deploy missile system

Xinhua news agency reported. The ministry has agreed to take over the Lotte Skyhill Country Club in Seongju from the country`s fifth-largest conglomerate. "China has repeatedly firmly opposed the THAAD deployment," said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman ... ( read original story ...)

PHOTOS: China says aircraft carrier now ready for combat

More than 1,000 non-commissioned officers serve aboard the Liaoning, Li said. The Associated Press In this undated file photo released by China's Xinhua News Agency, China's aircraft carrier Liaoning berths in a port of China. (AP/Xinhua, Li Tang ... ( read original story ...)

China kicks off CRISPR race with first human trials

The Chinese trial is expected to trigger a global race to carry out human trials of the groundbreaking medical technology throughout the world. “I think this is going to trigger ‘Sputnik 2.0,’ a biomedical duel on progress between China and the ... ( read original story ...)

China’s Driverless Trucks Are Revving Their Engines

A street scene captured and parsed using TuSimple's technology. China may be gearing up to pull ahead of the U.S. in the race to overhaul road delivery with fleets of self-driving long-haul trucks. A number of companies are developing automation ... ( read original story ...)