Disney boss warns China trade war would be damaging

Walt Disney's chief executive has warned that a trade war between the US and China would be bad for business. China is increasingly important for the firm's movie and merchandise sales. And it says Disneyland Shanghai - its first theme park in mainland ... ( read original story ...)

China's foreign reserves fall to nearly 6-year low

The shrinkage for seven months in a row shows that capital has continued to flow out of China and suggests it has intervened in currency markets by aggressively selling U.S. dollars to support the yuan. To have fuller access to the Kyodo News website ... ( read original story ...)

China says both sides will lose from conflict with US

China asserts sovereignty over almost all of the resource-rich ... "Beijing certainly welcomes a deep engagement with the United States," she told Sky News. "They are looking forward to an era of cooperation, they see opportunity with the new ... ( read original story ...)

How Two Dealmakers Solved The China Problem

As a candidate for president, Donald Trump promised to end what he called “China’s outrageous theft of intellectual property.” And as president, he may indeed decide to levy tariffs or other punitive measures against China. But before he does ... ( read original story ...)

A greener shade of digital finance

BEIJING – Digital finance has turned out to be an unexpected revolutionary, simply by enabling low-cost financial inclusion. Thanks to new financial technologies (fintech), consumers can shop seamlessly, migrants can send hard-earned money to their ... ( read original story ...)

Australia, China vow to deepen ties on trade

SYDNEY, Australia -- Australia and China pledged Tuesday to deepen their ties on everything from trade to tourism, a show of unity that comes at a delicate time in Australia's relationship with China's chief rival for Pacific power, the United States. ( read original story ...)

US & China on brink of trade war, warns Goldman Sachs

Last month China’s state-run Global Times newspaper warned that US business could be targeted for retaliation in any trade war ushered in by President Trump. It said that as the United States has the stronger economy, China may suffer more once a trade ... ( read original story ...)

China's Foreign Reserves Fall to 6-Year Low After Outflows

China's foreign exchange reserves have fallen to a six-year low following outflows of capital that prompted Beijing to tighten controls on outbound investment. Reserves declined by about $13 billion in January to $2.99 trillion but still are by far the ... ( read original story ...)