Arrested, missing China activists spark criticism of Trump

The sister of Jared Kushner, a Trump adviser and husband of Ivanka, travelled to China this past month to court investment from Chinese families for a real estate project in New Jersey. "The eagerness of members of the family to do business in China while ... ( read original story ...)

Philippines taps Bank of China for panda bonds

An elderly man walks past the People's Bank of China in Beijing on August 12, 2015. China cut the yuan's value against the US dollar for the second consecutive day on August 12, roiling global financial markets and driving expectations the currency could ... ( read original story ...)

China’s debt mountain: The uphill march ahead

China’s sizeable debt continues to be a major bugbear for the investment community. Lack of clear and definite policy action to address this issue have triggered fears of a potential banking crisis. While such worries are understandable it is equally ... ( read original story ...)

Chinese central bank drains liquidity from market

China's central bank drained liquidity from the financial system as it suspended open market operations Friday due to a fiscal spending increase. As rising fiscal spending near the end of month has offset maturing reverse repos, the liquidity level in the ... ( read original story ...)

What China Ban? Cryptocurrency Market Cap Rebounding

China’s central bank banned ICOs on Sept. 4 and later banned all bitcoin exchanges from operating in the country. China’s ban is likely temporary. The U.S. and Japan are quickly moving to create rules that will help to legitimize cryptocurrencies by ... ( read original story ...)