China Poised to Dominate Fintech and Blockchain Markets in 2017

But interest has been escalating, partly fuelled by the second Global Blockchain Summit held in September 2016 in Shanghai and China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has also organised a special government-industry working group to ... ( read original story ...)

Why China is still saying no to Pokémon Go

January 10, 2017 China—Despite vast enthusiasm and anticipation, Chinese smartphone users are unlikely to meet “Pokémon Go” any time soon. China’s state censor said Tuesday Nintendo’s hit smartphone app and other augmented reality games carry ... ( read original story ...)

Is China’s fintech sector another pirated import?

So whether China’s technology sector is another example of monkey-see, monkey-do, is a fair question. And there’s no clear answer. “China never really stopped being a copycat, and that’s why its tech companies aren’t changing the world ... ( read original story ...)