China Tech Investment Flying Under the Radar, Pentagon Warns

Carter, the former secretary of defense, commissioned the report as an urgent review of what senior Pentagon officials have considered China’s alarming penetration of Silicon Valley, particularly in deals that finance nascent technology that has military ... ( read original story ...)

China expected to export nuclear technology to UK

China is expected to export nuclear technology to the UK, a traditional nuclear power that realized commercialization of nuclear energy, after China's Hualong One reactor finally gets a permit to enter the latter's market, sources from China General ... ( read original story ...)

China Claims EM Drive Technology Tested In Space

I thought many of our readers might like this. Seems like EM Drive technology may become a reality and being put to real use. Perhaps ? I am still a skeptic on this but happy to report the current claims being made. Please see video at the end of story . ( read original story ...

Is China stealing our jobs?

According to the Department of Commerce, US exports of goods and services to China supported an estimated 251,000 jobs in 2014. Apple's chief contractor, Foxconn Technology Group, has flirted with the idea of moving jobs back to the United States ... ( read original story ...)

China Mobile Investors Still In Denial

China Mobile's most reliable pattern is a disappointing disconnect between the fundamentals and the stock price. CHL overreacts on bad news and will likely see its gap close. The dividend is the only reliable income that CHL offers, so now that a dividend ... ( read original story ...)

China embraces technology to produce cleaner coal power

China’s media have been agog over the past couple of days with President Xi Jinping’s important visit to … Finland. The first, breathlessly awaited, summit with his US counterpart Donald Trump will of course receive massive attention in China. ( read original story ...)