Students provide play-by-play for NCAA basketball fans in China

March 10, 2017, 8:40 AM | More than one million international students are now studying in the U.S., and nearly a third of them come from China. Dana Jacobson speaks with two student sportscasters who are calling the college basketball action for fans ... ( read original story ...)

China defends its Trump trademark approvals as in line with law

BEIJING (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump was granted initial approval on dozens of new trademarks in China because they met legal standards, a senior Chinese commercial official said on Friday. China's trademark office in recent weeks green-lighted ... ( read original story ...)

Commentary: China's manufacturing ambition is no threat

BEIJING, March 11 (Xinhua) -- China's tech industry development plan released nearly two years ago has unexpectedly become the target of finger-pointing this week. A European business group criticized the strategy, named "Made in China 2025," in a lengthy ... ( read original story ...)

Central banker: China's debt 'too high,' must be controlled

BEIJING, China - China's central bank governor said Friday the country needs to get soaring corporate debt under control but its economy and currency are stable and the decline in its foreign exchange reserves is no cause for concern. Zhou Xiaochuan's ... ( read original story ...)

China developing spaceship capable of lunar mission: report

BEIJING -- China is developing an advanced new spaceship capable of both flying in low-Earth orbit and landing on the moon, according to state media, in another bold step for a space program that equaled the U.S. in number of rocket launches last year. ( read original story ...)

Trump gets initial approval for 38 new trademarks — in China

China has granted preliminary approval for 38 new Trump trademarks, paving the way for U.S. President Donald Trump and his family to potentially develop a host of branded businesses from hotels and golf clubs to bodyguard and concierge services, public ... ( read original story ...)