Beijing smog time lapse

Covering an actual time of 20 minutes, you can watch this time lapse of smog rolling into Beijing in a matter of a few seconds. The NY Times has a short piece on the video, which was filmed on January 2. Residents have come to expect such dense air ... ( read original story ...)

Daily Report: Apple Takes Down The Times’s News App in China

If you are reading this in China, congratulations. Not many people are. That is because Chinese authorities instructed Apple late last month to remove The New York Times news app from the Apple app store. As Katie Benner and Sui-Lee Wee report, the move ... ( read original story ...)

DEA chief to visit China as U.S. looks to halt opioid supply

SHANGHAI - The top U.S. drug enforcement official plans to visit China next week, a sign of intensifying efforts to stop the flow of deadly synthetic drugs from China to the United States. The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration confirmed Friday that ... ( read original story ...)

China confirms latest human death from H7N9 bird flu

The 77-year-old man diagnosed in Shandong's Rizhao city on Tuesday died later the same day, the official Xinhua news agency said. Guangdong authorities said the December bird flu cases were scattered around the province, according to the state-run China ... ( read original story ...)

Frigid northern China hosts snow and ice sculpture festival

HARBIN, China -- The city of Harbin in China's frigid northeast is hosting one of the world's largest festivals featuring ice sculptures of animals, cartoon characters and famous landmarks. The festival, which officially opens late Thursday and last year ... ( read original story ...)

China's Great Wall filmed by drone

British geographer, conservationist and author William Lindesay has had a lifelong obsession with the Great Wall of China. Three decades ago, he left his home on Merseyside to live near the wall so he might better be able to study it. In 2016 he and his ... ( read original story ...)

One man's mission to walk the Great Wall of China with a drone

William Lindesay has been obsessed with the Great Wall of China since seeing it in a school atlas as a child in England, and last year embarked on an epic journey to fulfil a lifelong ambition - to film the wall in its entirety from the air. He told the ... ( read original story ...

Beijing Engulfed By Major Fog For Second Day In A Row

The Chinese capital issued its highest red fog alert for a second day on Wednesday, keeping highways closed in and around the city which is already under a smog alert after weeks of choking winter pollution. China’s weather bureau warned of visibility of ... ( read original story ...)