China to create new economic zone outside Beijing

China will create a new special economic zone outside Beijing similar to those established in Shenzhen and Shanghai, the government said, in a bid to boost flagging growth and reduce the strain on the capital. The Xiongan New Area, located some 100 ... ( read original story ...)

Beijing’s tone on US trade positive

BEIJING: Beijing sought to play down tensions with the United States and put on a positive face as the US administration slammed China on a range of business issues ahead of President Xi Jinping’s first meeting with President Donald Trump. Trump set the ... ( read original story ...)

Why would Beijing trust Carrie Lam but not John Tsang?

One big question on many people’s minds, perhaps until today, is: why would Beijing trust Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor to lead Hong Kong, but not the more popular John Tsang Chun-wah, who was the city’s No 3 official for nine years? What is “trust ... ( read original story ...)

China Uighurs: Xinjiang ban on long beards and veils

These are external links and will open in a new window China has introduced new restrictions in the far ... The restrictions were approved by Xinjiang lawmakers and published on the region's official news website. Chinese authorities had previously imposed ... ( read original story ...)

China plans panda preserve 3 times size of Yellowstone park

the Xinhua News Agency said Friday. Xinhua said about 170,000 people will have to be moved elsewhere to make way for the 27,134-square kilometer (10,476-square mile) preserve. Giant pandas are China's unofficial national mascot and live mainly in the ... ( read original story ...)

China downplays tensions with U.S. as Xi prepares to meet Trump

"China does not deliberately seek a trade surplus. We also have no intention of carrying out competitive currency devaluation to stimulate exports. This is not our policy," Zheng said. State news agency Xinhua also struck a conciliatory tone. "Of course ... ( read original story ...)

Can China's ivory trade ban save elephants?

At the height of the market some of them could sell for many thousands of dollars. Now, to the delight of conservationists everywhere, China is calling a halt to this lucrative end of a brutal and bloody trade. But Mr Liu, as you might expect, is far from ... ( read original story ...)