Spin Master continues to expand its global reach in China

TORONTO, Aug. 28, 2017 /CNW/ - Spin Master Corp. (TSX:TOY; www.spinmaster.com), a leading global children's entertainment company, recently announced the launch of award-winning, and globally recognized brands Hatchimals® and Paw Patrol® in China ... ( read original story ...)

The Secret to Brand Success in China: Never Assume

Global brands willing to take the time to understand how China’s marketplaces and economics are constantly evolving will find themselves much farther down the road to gaining a sustainable share of a growing opportunity. What’s the secret to succeeding ... ( read original story ...)

How Estée Lauder Rejuvenated Its Brand Image in China

Not too long ago, the American prestige beauty brand Estée Lauder was still considered the choice of mature female consumers in China due to its signature anti-aging products, which have earned the nickname the “little brown bottle.” But its brand ... ( read original story ...)

Luxury Brands Cash in on Chinese Valentine’s Day

It is no secret that luxury brands these days are striving to retain a luxury experience with the convenience of online shopping. But in China, the pressure to get involved is even more intense as the recent success of luxury brand promotions on social ... ( read original story ...)

The Aramco IPO: A Geopolitical Game Of Thrones

The current visit by the Chinese is of significance, as it could be a precursor to a hefty Chinese involvement in the eagerly awaited Saudi Aramco IPO next year. In March, during a visit of the King Salman to China, the two countries signed several energy ... ( read original story ...)

China bans new business ventures by North Koreans

China's commerce ministry has banned North Korean nationals from setting up new businesses in the country, enforcing recent UN sanctions as Washington urges Beijing to do more to curb its ally's nuclear ambitions. The ban, effective immediately, came as ... ( read original story ...)

China will use ‘all necessary means’ against US trade probe

The probe is the Trump administration’s first direct measure against Chinese trade practices, which the White House and US business groups say are bruising American industry. Gao also said that China’s support for overseas investment by Chinese firms ... ( read original story ...)