Protection of Intellectual Property Rights Hardest For China

Klaus Baader, Global Chief Economist, Societe Generale discussed what we learned from Angela Merkel’s trip to China with Bryan Curtis and Juliette Saly. He goes on to look into whether China is doing enough to reduce tariffs and open markets. Running ... ( read original story ...)

Chinese bank chief found dead inside his office

The chairman of a regional bank in China’s northern city of Tianjin has been found dead in his office after his wrists had been slit, state media has reported. Yin Jinbao, who has only chaired Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank for less than a year ... ( read original story ...)

Why China’s property market won’t crash for now

When President Xi Jinping declared last year that houses are “for living in, not for speculation”, it was the clearest indication yet that keeping the country’s housing market bubble under control remains firmly at the top of the government’s agenda. ( read original story ...)

Beijing orders almost 1 million unused bicycles off city roads

China ordered bicycle sharing companies in Beijing to remove redundant bicycles from roads on Friday. China’s bike sharing startups were once considered an attempt by young entrepreneurs to shape modern Chinese society through technology, but the rapid ... ( read original story ...)

Source: Trump administration has cut deal with China’s ZTE

In doing two, the two nations pulled back from the brink of a trade war over Chinese demands that U.S. companies hand over some of their technology as the price of doing business in China. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross is scheduled to travel to Beijing on ... ( read original story ...)