China finally lifts ban on mobile phone use during flights

Chinese airlines have allowed passengers to use mobile phones during flights since last week, following the decision of the Civil Administration of China (CAAC) to relax regulations. Air China permitted users to switch on their mobile devices from Sunday ... ( read original story ...)

China: market bulls beat the short sellers — for now

Soon after the global financial crisis began to recede in 2009, an analyst at Kynikos Associates gave a presentation on China to the hedge fund’s management, led by James Chanos. What he said made their jaws drop. The analyst estimated that at the time ... ( read original story ...)

Huawei Emerges As The Most Preferred Chinese Mobile Brand

the tech giant has emerged as the winner of the China mobile phone industry most recommended brand in 2018. The award is based on the China Net Promoter Score (C-NPS) brand ranking and analysis and is collated by a leading brand rating agency in China ... ( read original story ...)

How China’s Red-Letter Days Push People Toward Financial Ruin

As a young person of marriageable age in China, my bank balance is regularly hit hard by the custom of giving fenziqian, or gift money. Chinese tradition dictates that friends and family gather together during life’s most significant events, showering ... ( read original story ...)