Men probing Ivanka Trump brands in China arrested, missing

SHANGHAI — A man investigating working conditions at a Chinese company that produces Ivanka Trump-brand shoes has been arrested and two others are missing, the arrested man's wife and an advocacy group said Tuesday. Hua Haifeng was accused of illegal ... ( read original story ...)

Mobile Payments Hit $5.5 Trillion In China

Mobile payments reached $5.5 trillion in China in 2016, representing more than half the country’s total gross domestic product. That’s according to a report on the size of the mobile payment market in China, which it found is 50 times the size of ... ( read original story ...)

Men probing Ivanka Trump brand in China arrested, missing

SHANGHAI — The arrest and disappearance of three labour activists investigating a Chinese company that produces Ivanka Trump-branded shoes in China prompted a call for her brand to cease working with the supplier and raised questions about whether the ... ( read original story ...)

Study: China struggles to kick world-leading cigarette habit

Most smokers in China, the world's largest tobacco consumer, have no intention of kicking the habit and remain unaware of some of its most damaging health effects, Chinese health officials and outside researchers said Wednesday. An estimated 316 million ... ( read original story ...)

China’s big Airbnb rival is taking the battle overseas

China's leading home-rental site has been a thorn in ... Both destinations are full of young people with big dreams, hungry to start their own business and learn new technology, she said. In her opinion, Silicon Valley and Beijing "are the most exciting ... ( read original story ...)

China postpones portion of cybersecurity law

Companies and foreign governments have complained the law might hamper access to China's technology markets and possibly weaken information security. The latest version of the law sent to companies says enforcement of measures on cross-border movement of ... ( read original story ...)