Yum! Brands’ 4Q16 Revenue: What Analysts Expect

Yum! Brands (YUM) earns its revenue from company-owned restaurants and franchised restaurants. After the spin-off, revenue from franchised restaurants is expected to rise, as the company will receive 3% of sales from its China operations as a license fee. ( read original story ...)

Chinese shoppers begin to buy luxury brands again — at home

Foot traffic rose in opulent Shanghai malls, Swiss watch sales shot up and top European luxury brands from Burberry to LVMH reported sharply improved revenues from China in the second half of 2016. Chinese consumers buy more luxury products than those in ... ( read original story ...)

China trade war? These U.S. companies are in the crosshairs

“China may retaliate by saying ‘I will not import as many ... In a recent interview with CBS Morning News, FedEx (FDX) CEO Fred Smith called on Mr. Trump to “rethink” his trade positions. Smith noted that the average American family benefits ... ( read original story ...)

Visitor mauled to death by tiger in Ningbo zoo in China

A man has been mauled to death by a tiger after he entered its enclosure at a zoo in eastern China. The tiger was then shot dead by a special forces unit from the local police, in the Sunday incident at the Youngor Zoo in the city of Ningbo. The man was ... ( read ...

Man mauled, killed by tiger in China

The attack occurred Saturday at a resort on Dongqian Lake in eastern China’s Zhejiang province. A local government statement says the victim, identified only by his surname of Zhang, climbed a fence with a friend instead of buying tickets. The statement ... ( read original story ...)