China’s financial clampdown will continue — for now

The financial crackdown in China in the past three months flies in the face of the conventional wisdom that nothing would be allowed to happen to rock the boat ahead of the important 19th Communist party congress later this year. There is no doubting the ... ( read original story ...)

Can monetary policy solve China’s soaring leverage?

China’s leverage ratio — the ratio of debt to assets or equity — is rising at an alarming pace and approaching a historical high. High leverage ratios have in the past caused concern that financial asset bubbles in China might soon burst. According ... ( read original story ...)

Why China’s Debt Downgrade is a Tempest in a Teacup

It’s easy to see how these “scary” headline numbers could be used to frighten investors away, especially when those figures get taken completely out of context from what’s actually happening in China today. First, financial stability is actually ... ( read original story ...)